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Danny Schneller Foundation

Photo of Danny
Danny Schneller
1953 - 1999

Danny's Nonprofit Foundation

Provides FREE ongoing medical current awareness, by email, to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals with developmentally disabled clients.

Send E-mail to: danny AT dannyschneller DOT org to subscribe to your email updates*. We do not share subscriber lists or e-mail lists.

View several sample updates from 2011.

The Louise Teachman Memorial Fund is providing invaluable support for the work of this 501(c)(3) foundation.

Advisory Board

Bill and Terri Anderson,
Fircrest Parents

June G. Bredin, M.D.

Judi (Schneller) Gibbs, M.L.S.

The Rev. Frances Harland

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This Site Is Dedicated to the Memory of
Danny Schneller and Gareth Harland

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Lakeland goes world wide
Danny at Lakeland Village

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* We do not certify accuracy of the articles.
We do not practice medicine or offer medical advice.
We leave it to each reader to determine the accuracy, appropriateness,
and need for modification / individualization for a given client / client population.

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